About me
  • My name is Kia Kujala, and I’m a language professional with extensive experience in translation, editing and copywriting.

Currently based in Helsinki, Finland, I’m a native Finn with a master’s degree in Multilingual communication and translation (English). For the past 10 years, I have worked as a freelance language service provider. 


My services include translation, proofreading, editing and copy-writing. In addition, I can review your existing translations into Finnish or English. In the review process, I can either proofread your translation for grammatical errors and terminological consistency or edit your translation more extensively to better serve your customers needs.

  • English to Finnish
  • Finnish to English (British English & Standard American English)

Text types

  • Marketing; websites, press releases, brochures
  • Corporate communication; annual reviews, training materials, letters
  • Academic; abstracts, articles, thesis
  • Correcting grammatical mistakes and punctuation
  • A final touch for fluent texts by native writers
  • Checking the text for grammar and punctuation
  • Editing the structure and style of the text to make it read more fluent
  • Making the text target group specific and culturally appropriate
  • Copy-editing and copywriting content for market focused text
  • Customised for specific target groups
  • Proofreding and editing English<>Finnish translations
  • Checking for missing text, terminological consitency and culture-specific reference
  • Correcting grammar and punctuation



Ask for a quote: You can easily reach me from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EET me via

Email: kia@kiamaria.fi

Phone: + 358 40 566 9621 or

Skype: kiakujala